Book, Chapter, & Vows Release Fun

For the release of Book, Chapter, & Vows, Chautona asked us to write about something that would have gone wrong with our wedding if the Lord had not intervened.

To understand better, I need to explain about my wedding. It was different than most others. We were young and broke so we couldn’t afford a large church wedding. Many of our friends had large church weddings; they had spent a lot of money. Jim and I decided that we wanted to have a different kind of wedding and take what would have been spent on a large wedding to start our home.

We decided to go to Vegas….with about a 100 of our friends and family. It was so much fun and we made so many memories. I am so glad we did it and have never regretted it.

So many others could not travel and join us so they asked if we would do a reception so they could celebrate with us. About a month after we got married, we did a local reception and invited all our friends and family.

That is where the issue started.

See….there were two family members who should have been close but had not spoken or gotten along in years. One said if we invited the other, they would not attend. In my heart of hearts, I wanted all of our family there.

So what to do?

In the end, we decided to invite both of them. If they decided not to attend because the other is coming, then that would lie in them. We were not choosing sides.

The day came and we still didn’t know if they both would come.

People started arriving. It was a good turn out. We couldn’t see who had come and who hadn’t because we were taking pictures.

Then it came time for the family picture. I had a rock in my stomach thinking…Had they both come? If only one did, what will our relationship be with the other? If they both come, will they get along? Will there be a big scene?

We gathered for the picture. Lo and behold, they were both there. The reception went spectacularly and there were no issues.

It was the first time in years all the family were together. It was the last time ever all the family was together.

Only the Lord could do that and I am thankful.


More about Book, Chapter, & Vows….

Falling in love with Benjamin wasn’t in the plan, but Mallory finds she’s all but lost her head and her heart after two and a half years of banter, memories, and now shared books.

But when her ex-fiance (does it count if it was just for a few hours?) shows up right in the middle of a writing project with Benjamin, the guy manages to ruin her happiness… again.

Benjamin has been keeping one tiny part of him back from Mallory–just the one thing that’ll repel her for good.
So when the ex-boyfriend-slash-fiance shows up, and things look serious again, he takes a giant step back and prays he can keep his heart intact in the process.

They’re clearly meant for each other. God obviously has a plan. So what’s it going to take for Mallory and Benjamin to work things out and get those vows made?

This Breakers Head novel is Chautona Havig’s final book in the Independence Islands Series featuring five islands, six authors, and a boatload of happily-ever-afters.

The Independence Islands Series: beach reads aren’t just for summer anymore.

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