Finding a Memory Release Fun

Chautona found the inspiration for Finding a Memory in a heartbreaking song so she asked us to share a song that makes us cry every time.


For me it is Matthias Replaces Judas by Showbread.


This song reminds me of just how much Jesus has done for me and how unworthy I am. I try to listen to it everyday because it reminds me that no matter how bad my day is, it is better than my best day in hell. It also reminds me how much Jesus has forgiven me and how much I need to forgive others.


My favorite part of the song is this:

“Jesus, my heart is all I have to give to you, so weak and so unworthy
This simply will not do, no alabaster jar, no diamond in the rough
For your body that was broken, how can this be enough?”

How can it be enough? Yet, Jesus chose to love me first and die for me.

If you would like to hear the song, I have put the YouTube video below with scenes from the Passion. I pray it touches your heart.



More about Finding A Memory…

He loved her then. Will she love him now?

When Mallory Barrows finds an old diary in a box of books, the story she finds within sends her on the hunt for the owner–and maybe more.

Theirs is a story ripped from a country song. A wedding, a former love presumed dead, her new love stepping aside. And over forty years later, their story is one few remember.

With Mallory determined to find the people in the pages of that diary, one couple is offered the second chance of a lifetime.

This “second-chance / seasoned romance” novel introduces the next island in the Independence Islands Series featuring five islands, six authors, and a boatload of happily-ever-afters.



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