Genre & Retelling Mashup Contract Contest


What happens when Chautona and I get together and start talking? Craziness! This was born out of one of those crazy times…..

What happens when you take one book and change it to another genre? Set it in another time period? Combine two books together? Hmmm….FUN happens! So Chautona and I started to talk about it, then we did a podcast…and it turned into THREE! Yes, we had a lot to say and were very excited.

You can listen to the latest one here:



So….then this happened (can you tell I like ellipses?). We decided it would be fun to see what mashups authors could come up with and write. A contest was born.

I’m excited to share that Celebrate Lit Publishing (that us!) is accepting entries into a contest with a publishing contract as the grand prize!  All you have to do is go HERE and submit your initial entry by August 31, 2020.  It asks for name, email, basic story idea (what you’re mashing up) and why you’re excited to do this.

Then, by December 31, 2020, you need to submit your first three chapters, a full synopsis (detailing the full plot—no cliffhangers. This is for a publisher, not a reader), and a marketing plan (how you plan to help promote your book).

Just going to reiterate… Celebrate Lit Publishing will choose one winner and, if publishable, offer a contract!  EEEP!

In case you missed it!

We look forward to seeing what ideas you come up with!