Her Merriweather Hero Release Fun


Here are the winners from each author’s giveaway. Thank you to all who joined in on the fun!

Rachel Skatvold’s winner of $15 Amazon Gift Card – Kwright

Tabitha Bouldin’s winner of Her Merriweather Hero in eBook format – Lori Raines

Carolyn Miler’s winner of an audiobook of Christmas on Breaker’s Point – Helen Malbraatan

Chautona Havig’s Winner of an eBook copy of Dual Power of Independence – Karen Wright

Melissa Wardwell’s Winner of an eBook copy of Scrumptious Independence – Diane Sidenar

Kari Trumbo’s Winner of an Ebook copy of Secret Beach Boyfriend – Heather Stringham

Sandy’s Winner of a $10 Amazon Gift Card – Milaine Espino



We are so excited about the release of the next book in the Independence Islands Series – Her Merriweather Hero by Rachel Skatvold (New to the Independence Islands Series? Start HERE).

To celebrate, we are hosting a fun blog hop where you can take a quiz to find your island pet and enter to win some fun prizes!

For my part in the fun, I picked Bernie, The Pelican. I was first introduced to Bernie in Chautona Havig’s, Bookers on the Rocks (Releasing Jan, 2021) and fell in love with him at first site!


More about Bernie, The Pelican

No one really knows when Bernie first showed up on the islands. If you ask the fishermen down at the docks, they’ll say he’s been around as long as any of them remember. His stomach works on the fisherman’s timeline, ensuring Bernie is always there to greet them when they bring the ships in for the day. He’s also known to show up at random places across the islands. Checking in with Darcy on Elnora. Visiting Mel on Hopper. No place is out of bounds for this pelican. While some might consider his unexpected visits pesky, most know that Bernie’s heart is in the right place as he always seems to appear when they need him most. His listening ear has heard many a tale…and unless you speak pelican, your secrets are safe with him.


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