How Celebrate Lit Works…

Hello Authors!

Chautona Havig hosted me to discuss my heart about Celebrate Lit Publishing. How it works and why it is set up the way it is 🙂

We would love for you to watch the long version:


But we have a summary video and written summary:


Sandy was horrified to learn in her master’s class how little traditional publishing houses pay in royalties. When starting Celebrate Lit Publishing, she wanted it to be different – she wanted them to keep as much of the royalties as possible. Celebrate Lit was set up with the authors earning a standard industry 8% royalty until the costs of the book are recuperated, then the author receives 70% of the royalties – the highest paying traditional royalty at the time.  (Note: multi-author collections work a bit differently on royalty rates.)

The costs of creating each book are kept as low as possible. Sandy trades tours for editing and book covers to keep costs down. There are NO upcharges applied—Sandy also helps offset the costs and covers part of the book herself.

The 30% that Sandy receives goes to cover the back end costs of running Celebrate Lit—general ads, attorneys, etc. Sandy also uses these funds to do things for authors such as cover the fee for the multi-author promos, TWJ articles, part of the #BecauseFiction articles, and to cover part of the costs of the Celebrate Lit Celebration Tour (Sandy charges authors the actual cost of the book tour after scholarship money is applied).

It is Sandy’s heart to help each of the authors that are a part of the CL Publishing family!



Thank you for being a part of the Celebrate Lit Family!