Independence Islands Pre-Order Bonus Page

Who’s Got Mail?


Here’s the deal. We like BONUSES for folks who preorder books. So we’ve
got one. Just for you.

One for EACH book you order. That’s right.

What can you expect?

Here’s a SAMPLE of one of the postcards we’ll be mailing out to everyone
who preorders and requests.

Independence Islands postcard

Yep. That’s right. MAILED to you (in clear plastic to protect it on the

Are they all the same?


Every preordered book comes with its own postcard

  • the book cover
  • the island
  • important places on the island related to that book
  • something special from the author on the back (a tip, a
    recipe, a poem…)

How do you get YOUR free preorder bonus?

  • click on the book(s) below that you’ve purchased
  • fill out the form
  • watch your mailbox.

Click the link(s) for the book(s) you’ve purchased:

Trudy's Making Waves
Title subject to

But wait! There’s more! (We had to say it, right?)

Collect all the postcards, and you’ll ALSO receive a FREE bonus book
written by all six of the Independence Islands authors in a
“round-robin” style.

Each author writes one chapter, passes it along to the next, and so
forth until the story is complete.

Meet Trudy Lauder and her traveling hair salon and see the mayhem that
ensues when the salon gossip starts flying!