Kari Trumbo’s Secret Beach Boyfriend Party Table

Can I say how super excited I am for the release of the next book in the Independence Island Series?  Kari Trumbo’s Secret Beach Boyfriend is right up my alley. Have I ever told you that if I hadn’t been a school teacher, then principal, then publicist/publisher/author, I would have been a party planner? I haven’t?!

Well…. I love putting on parties.

So, when the challenge came for each of the authors plus myself as the publisher to create a table using 6 of the 10 items on a list – I could have done back flips. SUPER fun.

Let’s start with the list we were given. We had to use SIX of the following items:

· Table Theme (For example: sea, Christmas, 1920’s, Stars wars)
· Something silver or gold (just the color, doesn’t have to be real)
· Something Crystal (doesn’t have to be real)
· Something unique to you
· Something that represents your writing
· Something floral
· A gift
· Something that offers light
· Something borrowed
· Something food related
So Let me show you my picture and all the funness I did.

The first thing I did was pick a theme. I chose fall because, hey, I am hoping we change from volcano weather to fall weather soon.

Something silver…I went simple..silverware of course!

Crystal? Those quirky napkins rings.

Something unique to me is the china. I got it at a antique store. It is old, from Germany, and has every single piece. Not often that happens. What is even more special is how I came to get it. You see….When I first saw this china set, it was $450 and something I could never afford. I watched it for MONTHS. We would go drop our girls off for Bible study every other Friday night, go to dinner, then head to that antique store to walk around and every time I would pass this china set. I watched it go down until it was only $150 but I still couldn’t justify spending the money. You know how it is for moms…Then we went out for a special dinner for my mom’s birthday and took them to the antique store. While we were there my parents and my daughter, Kelsey, bought that china set for me. I have to admit. I cried. It was so special <3 Okay. Wiping the tears.

That pretty table cloth that reminds of the Pioneer Women covers both the floral and my writing. Floral is easy but let me tell you how it covers my writing. My first book is being written as we speak…ahem…well…I have been trying to write it but….Anyways, it is about a family coming out west. Like pioneers. Makes sense right?

The gift was the gift of time to my family to eat together.
Those real pumpkins with the candles are one of my favorite things to do at fall and covers the light.

Something foodie….I think those appetizers are something even Beth from Scrumptious would love. I know my family did.

I think that covers nine out of ten on that list. Not too shabby. What do you think readers?

Wait – Before you tell me, be sure you visit all the authors tables to see which is your favorite. Then vote below on your favorite table.

When you vote? You get a chance to win a fun “Independence Island” themed package. How cool is that.?!

Well, see you around the table!
Sandy 🙂

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