Mishaps off the Mainland Release Fun

Meet Delylah. She is sporting the latest fashionable wear from Walmart, a peach and grey stripped sweater that has a convenient slit for the leash plus chic peach, white, and grey flowers that makes her eyes sparkle. But watch out….Her sister thinks those are toys!


Delylah is a 11 year old Whippit mix that we affectionately refer to as “Old Lady”. She had a rough start in life. We rescued her from the pound right around this time of year. She was just 6 weeks old. After having her three days, she was having a hard time breathing so we took her to the vet only to find that she had the canine flu, Kennel Cough, and distemper. They told us they would put her to sleep and give us a certificate to get a new dog. She already had our hearts….We didn’t want a new puppy. So we told them to give us the medicine and we brought her back home. My husband took a kennel for her,  his old sleep apnea breathing machine that had a humidifier, and a sheet to make a tent for her. He feed her and gave her water by dropper. We were told she had a 50/50 chance of making it. With all the TLC we all gave her, she made it through!

Fast forward a few years later, I got sick and started having seizures. Delylah became my constant companion. She follows me everywhere, lays at my feet when I sit at our table, and lays right up against me when I sit on the couch (unless, of course, there is a fire on in the fire place. Then all bets are off. She ditches mom to take up her favorite place in front of the heat).

Delylah’s favorite things…To go “bye-bye”. She loves it and gets so excited she yells at us if we don’t move fast enough. Another of her favorites is ice from the freezer. Come to our house and go get ice for your drink….It is like the call of the wild! Don’t believe me? Ask Chautona…She will tell you. Delylah’s all time, favorite thing in the world…Treats. She knows where we keep them and will get really pushy with her head when she wants something. But really, who can resist that face? It is the cutest right?

I know she is 11, but don’t let that grey fool you. When it is feeding time, time to go bye-bye, or time to get a treat….She will outrun you. She demands respect and when those young whipper-snappers get out of line, she gives them *the look*. If mom is gone for more than a day, she becomes quite salty and gives mom the cold shoulder when she gets home. She can throw shade with the best of them.


Awwww…What am I saying…She is the best dog in the world. Well, at least in mine! I have enjoyed introducing her to you.


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