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Stand-Alone Books

Book Cover: How to Make Victoria Sponge
How to Make Victoria Sponge
Book Cover: Adventures in Poverty
Adventures in Poverty
Book Cover: The River Beautiful
The River Beautiful
Book Cover: Much Ado About Persuasion
Much Ado About Persuasion

Series: A Maple Run Novel

Book Cover: Buying Love
Buying Love
Book Cover: Finding Love
Finding Love
Book Cover: Enduring Love
Enduring Love
Book Cover: Risking Love
Risking Love
Book Cover: At Home in Maple Run
At Home in Maple Run

Series: Amish Collections

Book Cover: Love's Thankful Heart
Love's Thankful Heart
Book Cover: Plain Everyday Heroes
Plain Everyday Heroes
Book Cover: Love's Truest Hope
Love's Truest Hope
Book Cover: Love's Christmas Blessings
Love's Christmas Blessings

Series: Apple Hill Series

Book Cover: Surrendered
Book Cover: Illusions
Book Cover: Providence
Book Cover: All That Glitters
All That Glitters
Book Cover: Saving Faith
Saving Faith
Book Cover: Wish Upon A Star
Wish Upon A Star

Series: Bay Town Series

Book Cover: Shattered Guilt
Shattered Guilt
Book Cover: Restored Grace
Restored Grace
Book Cover: Revived Hope
Revived Hope

Series: Beyond Wonderland

Book Cover: Madness in Wonderland
Madness in Wonderland

Series: Briar Creek Love

Book Cover: A Promise for Faith
A Promise for Faith

Series: Children's Books

Book Cover: Moriah's Wings
Moriah's Wings
Book Cover: The Creeper
The Creeper

Series: Christmas

Book Cover: All That Glitters
All That Glitters
Book Cover: The Nutcracker Suite
The Nutcracker Suite
Book Cover: Wish Upon A Star
Wish Upon A Star

Series: Daughters of the Bush

Book Cover: Persuade Me
Persuade Me

Series: Ever After Mysteries

The Last Gasp
The Last Gasp
Book Cover: A Giant Murder
A Giant Murder
Book Cover: When the Pilot Falls
When the Pilot Falls
Book Cover: Murder at the Empire
Murder at the Empire
Book Cover: The Lost Dutchman's Mine
The Lost Dutchman's Mine
Book Cover: The Nutcracker Suite
The Nutcracker Suite
Book Cover: Silencing the Siren
Silencing the Siren
Book Cover: Slashed Canvas
Slashed Canvas

Series: Faces of Courage

Book Cover: Faces of Courage
Faces of Courage
Book Cover: The Fragrance of Violets
The Fragrance of Violets
Book Cover: Isobel's Mission of Courage
Isobel's Mission of Courage
Book Cover: Carmen's Journey of Courage
Carmen's Journey of Courage
Book Cover: House of Courage
House of Courage
Book Cover: Courage for your Everyday Life
Courage for your Everyday Life

Series: Gardens in Time

Book Cover: Labor of Love
Labor of Love

Series: Independence Islands

Book Cover: Christmas on Breakers Point
Christmas on Breakers Point
Book Cover: Dual Power of Convenience
Dual Power of Convenience
Book Cover: Scrumptious Independence
Scrumptious Independence
Book Cover: Secret Beach Boyfriend
Secret Beach Boyfriend
Book Cover: Her Merriweather Hero
Her Merriweather Hero
Book Cover: Mishaps off the Mainland
Mishaps off the Mainland
Book Cover: Restoring Fairhaven
Restoring Fairhaven
Book Cover: Bookers on the Rocks
Bookers on the Rocks
Book Cover: Heart Pressed
Heart Pressed
Book Cover: Matchmaker's Best Friend
Matchmaker's Best Friend
Book Cover: The Elnora Monet
The Elnora Monet
Book Cover: Stealing the First Mate
Stealing the First Mate
Book Cover: Regaining Mercy
Regaining Mercy
Book Cover: Flipping Hearts
Flipping Hearts
Book Cover: Seasoned Grace
Seasoned Grace
Book Cover: More Than A Heartthrob
More Than A Heartthrob
Book Cover: Hooper Safe Haven
Hooper Safe Haven
Book Cover: Footprints on her Heart
Footprints on her Heart
Book Cover: Reclaiming Hope
Reclaiming Hope
Book Cover: Finding A Memory
Finding A Memory
Book Cover: Blended Lives
Blended Lives
Book Cover: Sweet Rivals
Sweet Rivals
Book Cover: Stranded on Sparrow
Stranded on Sparrow
Book Cover: From Shore to Shore
From Shore to Shore
Book Cover: Rebuilding Hearts
Rebuilding Hearts

Series: Out of the Fierce Land

Book Cover: Return to the Fierce Land
Return to the Fierce Land

Series: Revolutionary Faith

Book Cover: Hold Me Close
Hold Me Close
Book Cover: Surround Me
Surround Me
Book Cover: Bring Me Near
Bring Me Near
Book Cover: Draw Me To Your Side
Draw Me To Your Side
Book Cover: Wait for Me
Wait for Me

Series: The Bedford County

Book Cover: Night Songs
Night Songs

Series: Yahweh's Legacy

Book Cover: Rahab's Courage
Rahab's Courage