Thomas Nye

Thomas Nye was born in Ames, Iowa, in 1961 with a love for horses. Though he grew up in town, he took every opportunity to visit friends and family that lived on farms, especially if they had horses. During grade school Thomas developed an interest in history, reading anything he could find about the 1800s.

As a teenager, he moved to an area with a large Amish population and was instantly infatuated by that lifestyle. His love of farm, history, and horses all came together in real-life experiences with his Amish friends, who also happen to share his Christian faith. Thomas purchased draft horses from Amish farmers in his neighborhood and set out to learn the art of working with horses in harness.

After years of buying, selling and trading work horses with Amish farmers in his community, Thomas had many wonderful memories of those experiences.

The Amish Horses Book Series is a set of novels based on those adventures. Under the Heavens was published in December of 2013, Catbird Singing in January of 2015, and English River in August of 2016