Soon the Dawn

Book Cover: Soon the Dawn
Part of the Valley of Promise series:
  • Soon the Dawn

When God's plans collide with a woman's need for control, lives change—if she'll let them.

Ella thought becoming a mother to five daughters a month after marriage would be difficult.  Sixteen years later, letting go is even harder.  What should be a joyous time of Amaryllis spreading her wings as she graduates from the College of Industrial Arts... isn't.

Ella fears that Amaryllis will lose a grip on her faith, her upbringing, and the goals Ella believes she should have.  Will Ella's mother-in-law's high society friends puff up the girl until Amaryllis loses sight of what's important?  If Amaryllis stays away, can Ella trust that the Lord will keep the girl safe? Can she trust Him with her daughter's well-being period?

Of course, she can!  But will she?

When everything begins to crumble around her, Ella must decide where she will place her trust—in her own capable hands or in the Lord's sovereign ones.

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