A Troll Falls

A 1940s Fairytale-Inspired Mystery

Murder. Even the word sounds ugly. Almost as ugly as the corpse on the shore.

Dallas, Texas, 1948

Opal Stedman enjoys caring for old Mrs. Farnesworth. But keeping her sister Ruby out of trouble, well that is another issue entirely. Especially now that Ruby has stepped into high society with her new beau. A dubious man. Maybe even duplicitous.

Even the handsome security guard warns her sister about him.

When a body is dragged onto the shore of the lake that borders their home, rumors and worries over the new man become assurances. But why has he involved her household in these gruesome shenanigans?

And why are Opal’s loved ones suddenly having “accidents”?

Loosely based on the little-known fairy tale of “Snow White and Rose Red” this mystery twists its way all along the banks of White Rock Lake during its heyday.

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Reviews:Betti on Amazon wrote:

A body found in the lake, a mysterious push that almost caused a drowning, a note that brings more questions than answers and more will keep you wondering through this retelling of a fairy tale from many years ago. Opal Stedman had many reasons to fear but even more reasons to leave it all in the most capable hands of the Lord. Ruby, her sister, was spending time with a questionable man - another thing for Opal to be concerned about. White Rock Lake outside of Dallas, TX became the setting for this mystery.

An early copy of this book was received through CelebrateLit Publishing and BookFunnel. These thoughts are my own and were in no way solicited.

Jesse on Amazon wrote:

A Troll Falls had the Suspense, intriguing and captivating story line to keep you involved and wanting more. I really enjoyed reading about a local area I know in Dallas.
Grab you a copy and a comfy sit and be taken back in time.