At Home in Maple Run

Maple Run: where love runs in the family.

This collection features all four of the wildly-popular Maple Run novels. When you tap love, it doesn't always run smooth, but as these novels show, it is always sweet. Even when things get sticky.

Buying Love: Ready for home and marriage, Nina decides waiting to meet the right guy is taking too long. Her solution: a personals ad for marriage complete with a signing bonus! Desperate to save his family's struggling restaurant, Dwight decides to go for it. What'll it take for this marriage of convenience to transform into love?

Finding Love: Emotions run high as Delaney and Luke work through their grief over Delaney's husband's death. Luke's help is exactly what Delaney needs, but is either of them ready for the connection their hearts seem determined to make?

Enduring Love: Belle's past drives her to seek sanctuary in Maple Run, and her attraction to Micah has her confused. Guys weren't in the plan.  Micah planned to give Belle a wide berth until prompting from the Lord changes everything. What will it take for them to face Belle's past and forge real trust in each other?

Risking Love: Nikki has one solid rule for her life. No men. Period. Shorty wants only one thing in life. Nikki. How will Shorty convince Nikki to give him a chance, and how will Nikki learn to trust the Lord for her safety with any man?

These four books will have you laughing, crying, and eager to race into the next one. Read with your favorite snacks and a box of tissues handy. Coffee recommended but optional. Get started today.

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