Bring Me Near

Louis Lestarjette enters a world of secrets and questionable actions for the Patriot cause.

Charles Town, South Carolina, 1775—Louis Lestarjette ventures beyond the confines of family life as patriotic duty compels him to enter the world of secrecy and clandestine maneuvers. When he leaves Charles Town for Philadelphia, he experiences first-hand the drastic demands of time and finances, and possibly his life. He must keep Elizabeth and his daughter safe while remaining faithful to this cause of liberty. One wrong decision might cost him all he has worked for over the last three years.

A new generation of children in Elizabeth Lestarjette’s life demands the successful and safe fulfilment of her role as a Patriot. She wonders if her husband understands her desire to do her part as an active Daughter of Liberty. Although Louis is willing to move the family to the country, the decision falls to Elizabeth regarding whether to remain in Charles Town or escape its borders.

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Bring Me Near is the third book in Marguerite Gray’s American Revolutionary War series and it definitely lives up to and surpasses all my high expectations. The main characters, Elizabeth and Louis, are deep into the movement for independence and through Mrs. Gray’s exquisite writing, they are beautifully brought to life. This book carries us to the brink of war and let’s us experience their love, their fears, their hopes and most of all their faith. I am breathlessly waiting and looking forward to book 4.