Carmen’s Journey of Courage

Truly the odd woman out, Army weapons expert Carmen belongs to a family where PhDs are almost a second surname.

Oh, and she's also persona non grata since that one little incident back in her teens.  The one that her Tia Graviella still hasn't forgiven her for. The one her parents and siblings will never let her forget.

A trip to Mexico City, complete with a bit of groveling at Tia Graviella's feet, might just be what it takes to gain forgiveness and a fresh start with her family. Not only that, her tia is ailing, and someone needs to check up on her.  Carmen can solve two problems with one would-do-anything-to-avoid-it trip.

Something is off, however, and as Carmen investigates, she begins to wonder if there's more to her aunt's troubles than ill health.

When Carmen sets her course on making things right, will it repair more than the wreckage from a youthful miscalculation?

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Reviews:Anita E. Cole on Amazon wrote:

Carmen’s Journey of Courage is engrossing with intriguing characters. Except for one (I wanted to smack her face) I warmed to them immediately. They are so real (warts and all, as they say) I could relate to Carmen with her struggle to be her own self in a family who rejected her choices. I loved how Jorge let her deal with the situation, encouraging but not interfering. I especially loved how Susan wove God’s leading and Carmen’s faith into the action. I can hardly wait for the next novel.