Ezekiel’s Song

Book Cover: Ezekiel's Song
Part of the Yahweh's Legacy series:

A prophet's heart broken, a woman's joy gone. What does Yahweh have planned for His people?

On the brink of Jerusalem's demise, devoted priest, Ezekiel, sees the insincerity of Judah's worship. Despite his efforts to call the people back to true worship of Yahweh, priests, artisans, valiant warriors, and royals are exiled to Babylon. When God gives him messages of continued judgment for the people in his homeland, his heart breaks. How can he minister to the people from so far away?

The presence of the Lord is tangible when Shiriel sings in the temple, and her voice prepares the hearts of many to worship. When she is exiled to Babylon, her faith is shaken. Does the Lord's presence extend beyond Jerusalem and His holy temple?

Ezekiel is struck mute and paralyzed as he begins his prophetic ministry, and Shiriel devises a plan to get the Lord's message back to the unfaithful people of Judah. Shiriel struggles with discontentment as serving the Lord looks nothing like she'd imagined. Can she provide for her family and carry out her husband's ministry when her joy is gone, and her own dreams are placed on hold?

How will Yahweh save His people from themselves? Find out in Ezekiel's Song!

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Reviews:Amazon Customer on Amazon wrote:

This has been such an eye opener for me, thank you for sharing this incredible Bible account.. so visually enlightening. I couldn't put it down!

BMBWriter on Amazon wrote:

I love it when Biblical Fiction drives me to Scripture and brings alive stories from the Bible--especially when it's about prophets. Naomi Craig does a stellar job of imagining what Ezekiel's life would be like. Ezekiel was a man of faith who spoke for God and endured hardships of the heart. Craig brings forth the emotion of what that must have been like for Ezekiel.
I loved Ezekiel's wife Shiriel as imagined by Craig. We know the prophet was married and having her as a musician and singer brought worship to life. Their daughter Kelila stole my heart.
Living for God in a land of disbelief is lonely and often those who praise God endure hardship. Ezekiel shows us what real hardship is, but also how God is faithful, and the life He gives is everlasting.
A winner of a novel from Naomi Craig.