Isobel’s Mission of Courage

Faces of Courage Novelette

God had hardwired mission work into Isobel's DNA.

So what's He doing bringing a homeless woman into her life... to help her?

Recovering from surgery and chemotherapy means Isobel has little time or energy to spend on anything or anyone else, but when she sees a homeless woman hanging around her neighborhood, she can't just ignore the need.

Homeless and ticked off at God, Noolie might just be the last person Isobel would ever imagine helping her,but Isobel needs it. Can she muster the courage to face her needs and allow a woman with nothing to meet them?

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Reviews:Sara on Amazon wrote:

This novella takes you on a journey with two women who are facing some very tough challenges, allowing you to experience their emotional and spiritual growth. This is a great story and a thought-provoking read. I really enjoyed it!