Merriweather Island Box Set

A bookseller, food truck “chef,” party planner, veterinarian, dog groomer, and landscaper drive onto the islands and begin new lives. Six childhood friends. Six much-needed businesses. One idyllic island setting, a slow, easy pace of life, new friends—could life be any more perfect? Find out as you step off the ferry and onto Merriweather Island. Six new mobile businesses have arrived, and they’re shaking up the sleepy islands with their rocky beaches and tourist-phobia.

Read all six books of the first island featured in the Independence Islands Series today!

Dual Power of Convenience by Chautona Havig— All they wanted was a happily-never-after, but what was supposed to be a “match made on paper,” turns into anything but when everything goes wrong.

Scrumptious Independence by Melissa Wardwell— Armed with an inheritance she never expected and orders on how to use it, Beth sets off for Merriweather Island and fulfillment of a lifetime of dreams.

Secret Beach Boyfriend by Kari Trumbo—  Annie Roman believes love is a fairytale. He was Annie’s hero long ago, but can the man he has become save her now?

Her Merriweather Hero by Rachel Skatvold— Army vet, Tyler, just wanted a place to rest and recuperate. Animal vet, Kendall, only needed a repairman to help fix up her beach house. Two very different vets, two aching hearts, two huge obstacles to overcome.

Mishaps off the Mainland by Tabitha Bouldin— Melody Carmichael’s mobile pet grooming business might sink before it can sail when a favorite pet escapes her care. Enter Zeke Solomon. Desperate to bring the dog home for his grandmother, Zeke steps in to save the day. And working together with Zeke would be a snap—if they could just find the dumb dog.

Restoring Fairhaven by Carolyn Miller— Gentle pruning and a whole lot of banter forges a friendship between not-so-Southern belle landscaper Samantha and the half-British author, Max Fairhaven. But is their budding attraction enough to grow into a flourishing happily-ever-after?

Now you can read all the “Merriweather books” in one convenient set of the Independence Islands Series featuring five islands, six authors, and a boatload of happily-ever-afters.

The Independence Island Series: beach reads aren’t just for summer anymore.

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