Persuade Me Not

Daughters of the Bush

Book Cover: Persuade Me Not
Part of the Daughters of the Bush series:

Forgiveness is only a prayer away, but with a man willing to do anything to silence the one person who can prove his guilt, is it too late to hope anyone can forgive?

As the oldest daughter of the Walter Elliot of Kellynch Station, Elizabeth Elliot prides herself on her exemplary public image. Poised, fashionable, and striving to better the community for the good of all, women could learn a thing or two by following her example.

Of course, that excluded the things Liz doesn’t want known, but those are her lot in life and the less anyone knows, the better. In fact, keeping everyone except her best friend from ever seeing the truth behind her impenetrable facade is the only thing she can control.

Enter Michael Page.

Unassuming, and too stubborn for his own good, Mick bucked the trend in a major way by bringing sheep back to cattle country. Just a small flock at first, but their numbers were growing and pretty soon he’d have the old shearing shed up and running again. But before he can focus on that, there’s another issue that just won’t go away.

Liz Elliot.

With all her airs and fancy ways, and the unreasonable demands she makes of the town and its people, Liz antagonized him from the start. He should have just stayed home at Wallaby Run after they butted heads that first time, but something kept bringing him back. Someone had to foil her outrageous attempts to do who-knew-what with the town.

There was that still, small voice too, telling him there was more to Liz than the eye could see. Mick could ignore that voice no better than he could ignore the carefully worded slip of the tongue that hinted at a mystery involving Liz that might be worth digging into.

As the truth comes to light in this quiet Aussie bush town and Liz’s carefully crafted world comes crashing down, can she trust that the man who once vowed to bring her to justice will keep her safe?

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Reviews:Ann Ferri on Amazon wrote:

This book is a great read that hooks you on the first page and doesn't let go. I loved how the author wove bible verses through the story and how it blended in with the story. Liz and Michael's story is full of action, drama, suspense, sweet romance and God's love and forgiveness. I highly recommend this book.
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