Promise Me Christmas

Would Amy ever see him as anything other than a former Loyalist who destroyed her home?

One more building, one more road, one more disaster reconstructed.

But George Elliott remains trapped in the past, reliving his role in the destruction of Charles Town. Through the support of his family and two Patriot generals, he is allowed to pursue a life among them but struggles to find purpose. Forgiveness lurks but has not quite settled his unsteady heart.

Amy Engle strives to help the men who are alive but hurting through her work at the hospital. Some men fail to grasp God’s forgiveness and struggle to heal mentally from the brutality of war…George Elliott being one of them. She is making George her mission. Amy’s prayer is that God will give George purpose and confidence. What she didn’t count on was her heart’s commitment to the man.

With the devastation of war that left nothing unscathed, the people of Charles Town could use a dose of Christmas miracles. If there are any that remain after the devastation of war.

Can they determine in their hearts to find comfort in love, promises, and forgiveness?

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Reviews:L Watson on Amazon wrote:

Wonderful Christmas story set in the late 1700s Charleston, SC. I'm always looking for Christmas reads this time of year. This one did not disappoint.

Sandy on Amazon wrote:

I loved this Novella by Marguerite Martin Gray. Marguerite never disappoints. It was another page turner for me. Didn’t want to put it down. Love love love her style of writing and the story of George and Amy was so very sweet. It completed the Revolutionary Series so very well. BUY THIS BOOK. YOU WILL LOVE IT.