Saving Faith

An Apple Hill Novella

Hearts and flowers might pay the bills, but that’s all they’re good for.

Still clutched in the grip of guilt over her youthful indiscretions, Faith Nicholson can’t seem to move past her parents’ disappointment in her—or her disappointment in herself.  Determined to make something in her life a success, she focuses on her floral design.

After all, she has quite the past to atone for.

Then her little sister decides to get married, and everyone but Faith chooses her for the job of coordinator. The family florist is the perfect choice. Right? Overruled, Faith agrees.

Enter a widower and his precocious daughter. A friendship with Michael Jacobs becomes more than a refuge in stress of wedding preparations. It becomes a catalyst for her entire life.

Hiding from her past hasn’t worked until now. Perhaps Michael is right.  Facing it is exactly what she needs if she has any hope of a real future.

Faith never would have imagined that her grudging agreement to help her sister could become an olive branch between herself and her family—and the Lord.

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Reviews:Ladonna McCall on Amazon wrote:

One again, Jennifer Sienes has given us a beautiful story of love and second chances. Sometimes those second chances are for others.... and sometimes its for yourself. God is a God of second chances, we just have to be billing to take it and forgive ourselves. I highly recommend this book! I enjoyed it so much!!!

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