She’erah’s Legacy

Book Cover: She’erah’s Legacy
Part of the Yahweh's Legacy series:

As tragedy ravages the camp, can She’erah step up and complete the outpost?

She’erah is a woman trying to leave her mark in a man’s world. Her vision and ability surpasses her father’s, yet she remains second-in-command as they are tasked to build Pharaoh’s outposts in Canaan. She knows she is worthy of the task, but her clan is skeptical.

The last place She’erah expects support is from her charioteer, but Lateef is the lone voice of encouragement. His integrity and steadfastness is a plumb-line in She’erah’s life and she can no longer deny her growing feelings for him.

Acts of sabotage threaten the construction and the shaky foundation of She’erah’s pride. It’s up to She’erah to break generations of rivalry, distrust, and jealousy—if she can learn to rely on the strengths and abilities of those around her to help.

Will she learn to trust God and others before her life’s legacy comes crumbling down around her?

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Reviews:Dana Mcneely on Amazon wrote:

Buried between layers of genealogy, an obscure biblical passage comes to life in Naomi Craig’s lively tale, She’erah’s Legacy.
I really enjoyed the characters. She’erah is a strong-minded dreamer, an architect in ancient times. She’s also the granddaughter of Joseph (yes, that Joseph) and the daughter of his half-Egyptian son Ephraim. Her personality and goals push tradition, bringing conflict with family and those she works with, causing surprising twists throughout the story.
Readers of historical fiction want to walk in the world, and Craig pens some beautiful passages describing the ancient landscape and culture. I loved a pivotal scene where She’erah had a heart-to-heart talk with her grandfather Joseph. It’s meme-worthy and good advice for today.
I highly recommend this historical novel for those who enjoy fiction set in the times of the Bible. Deeply researched, yet imaginative and engaging, fans of Connilyn Cossette, Mesu Andrews, and Tessa Afshar should enjoy She’erah’s Legacy.