Slashed Canvas

Ever After Mysteries

Held prisoner by all she’s lost, Katarina’s about to lose all she has.

Grand Duchess Katarina Volstova barely escaped the Russian revolution, arriving in Paris just before the birth of her twin daughters. With her heart still captive in her homeland, she haunts the Louvre each day, spending hours gazing at one painting, lost in her pain.

Not the man he once was, Timothy Smythe never returned home to England after the Great War. Instead, he hides himself away doing maintenance in the Louvre and watching the beautiful woman whose pain seems riveted on one painting.

When Katarina returns home to find her daughters and their nanny missing, the loss opens her eyes to all she has to lose now.

Frantic to find her girls, her distress causes Timothy to offer his assistance. Together they put together clues to a puzzle they must complete before the kidnapper ensures Katarina and her daughters are never reunited.

Slashed Canvas offers a retelling of The Lost Princess that mingles self-centered grief, spoiled little girls, and proof that nothing will stop a mother from saving her children.

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Reviews:JenniferKbooks on Amazon wrote:

I always look for Liz Tolsma’s books because she is a wonderful storyteller. In this short space of 150 pages, Tolsma has created historical fiction with intrigue, suspense and romance. I appreciated the historical research regarding both the French and Russian cultures and histories. Her characters were interesting, complex and stretched by their circumstances. The part that impressed me the most was the lessons regarding love, grief, and restoration. This tale is the perfect length if you have only a short time to read but beware it is hard to put down!