The Beloved

Book Cover: The Beloved
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The only thing I hate more than baseball is my father. I’ll do whatever it takes not to think about him—or his God. Like baseball, they’re not important to me anymore. I’m going to be a screenwriter. I don’t know how I’ll get to LA, I don’t know what I’ll do once I’m there, but I have to pursue my dream. It’s time to move on to greater things. And there’s zero chance I’m ever coming home.


The only thing I love more than my brother is God. Danny’s my best friend. He makes me laugh. He’s the only person who really understands me. He believes in me the way I believe in him. He might be addicted to drugs, on the streets, and far from God, but I know God’s plans are good. No matter what, I’ll keep believing, and praying, He’ll bring Danny home.

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Before I was the outgoing person I am now, I was the pimpled-face girl kids in middle school made fun of. I saw no worth in myself. I stopped eating to feel like I had control over something. I cut to stop feeling. Yes, before my brother Danny had his journey into darkness, I had my own.