To Love A Falcon

A 1940s Fairytale-Inspired Mystery

When life already seems bleak, the Russians send her to Siberia.

Aircraft mechanic Katya Morozov longs for her beloved Mikhail, a Russian naval officer, to return from war. But when an unwanted work assignment takes her far from her home into remote Siberia, Katya faces threats—perhaps because she and her father were engaged in covert protection for persecuted Christians.

A chance encounter with charming test pilot, Yuri Sokolov, turns into more than a passing acquaintance...igniting the flames of a conflict between Katya’s faithfulness to Mikhail and her growing attraction to the enigmatic pilot. Will messages from a mysterious woman in the woods give her the wisdom and strength she needs?

Yuri, who has hidden battles of his own, must likewise make a decision—does he follow his dreams or pursue the lovely mechanic who has captured his heart?

To Love a Falcon, a retelling of the Russian fairy tale “Finist the Falcon,” takes readers into the intrigues of Russian operatives, the stark landscape of Siberian winters, and the courage of those who risk death for faith and love.

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Reviews:L Watson on Amazon wrote:

I very much enjoyed reading "To Love a Falcon"! Captivating story, with lots of knowledge of mechanical and technical components part of this story. It was such fun to read this book! Looking forward to more books by Nancy.
Highly recommended! Enjoy!

Patricia Roe on Amazon wrote:

In "To Love a Falcon," Nancy Williams has written a captivating novel. From its dramatic beginning to its conclusion, the reader will be engrossed with the story and its characters. Nancy has obviously done extensive research to ensure the accuracy of the factual part of the story including information based on her father-in-law's experiences during World War II. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys suspense, a Christian romance, and history, as well as an excellent writing style.