Under the Hibiscus

Do you have to give God two-weeks’ notice when you quit the ministry?

After a lifetime of being her father's right-hand girl, Ezra gets a small taste of freedom during her friend's honeymoon visit to the Suamalie islands and decides enough is enough. All she needs is to find a replacement secretary, teacher, project manager, accountant... et cetera.

In fact, what he needs is a wife.

Scott Keil intended to serve the Lord on St. Alyn Island for life. He just never intended to do it without his wife. So, when his daughter begins balking at being saddled with a ministry she never signed up for, he knows he needs to find a replacement for her. And well, she's right. A wife who loves organization and serving the Lord would be the perfect solution.

But only one woman interests him and loves his ministry nearly as much as he does. Natalie Dershem—the event planner at St. Alyn's newest resort. Why did she have to be nearly as young as his daughter... and so intriguing?

Under the Hibiscus is the introductory Christmas “noella” in the brand-new, Suamalie Islands Series from Celebrate Lit Publishing. Grab this May/December Christmas romance today.

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Reviews:Aryn The Libraryan on Amazon wrote:

Loved this book, Ezra was just the right mix of frustrated and hopeful. Scott was past due for a wakeup call, and the way this all worked out was beautiful!

I preordered this book because I knew it would be fun, and I was not disappointed. I tried to save it for my recent trip, but couldn't manage to wait that long and snuck it in on packing day instead.

Read it, you won't be disappointed! Missionary life is not easy, and keeping priorities straight can be tricky, even in regular life. It's thought-provoking, funny, and the setting of a tropical island, well... that just sets it all off!

Rachel Bennet on Amazon wrote:

Chautona has hit another home run with a sweet romance, coupled with a relatable story hashing out some of the unspoken challenges of ministry. Thanks!