Wish Upon A Star

Fairy tales and wishing upon stars are for those who still believe in romance.

Sometimes misplaced trust injures more than ourselves, and doesn't Elaina Hensley know it. When her oldest daughter is left suffering the consequences, Elaina vows to protect her girls at any cost. Nothing, not even her own happiness, will sway her again.

Or will it?

She's got this protective self-denial down pat--right up to the moment her best friend's brother arrives on the scene like a fairytale knight, vowing to slay all her dragons. She must—she will resist.

However, when her worst nightmare comes back to haunt her, Elaina has to admit she needs that white knight on her side

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Reviews:D Allen on Amazon wrote:

I was given this book to read and offer my honest review. As with the other books in the Apple Hill Series, this was a stirring, faith-based book that I couldn't put down until I reached the end. The characters are complex and each is dealing in their own ways with some very tough challenges life has thrown at them. There are issues involving trust, open and honest communication in relationships, guilt, trusting in God, and forgiving not only others but themselves. It's definitely worth reading to see how it all turns out.