Whispers of Wisdom

Nicole wanders the ancient halls of Château Chenonceau, stirring up whispers from the secrets of a queen.

Craving the wisdom of the philosophers of the day, Nicole straddles the line between servant and high society. Will acting as one of higher status bring her closer to her dreams? Perhaps not, but a treasure hunt with the knight in the tower might fulfill her longing for a while.

Pierre would avoid the senseless salons full of manmade wisdom, throwing every pamphlet aside. Yet, he journeys to Chenonceau to glean knowledge from the estate manager. His goal reaches beyond the glittery, false, societal affairs to the fields of wheat, vineyards, and orchards. No fairy tales or treasure hunts for him. Not until his encounters with Nicole invade his practical world.

Whispers and secrets conjure a treasure hunt, involving the heart as well as the mind.

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She’erah’s Legacy

Book Cover: She’erah’s Legacy
Part of the Yahweh's Legacy series:

As tragedy ravages the camp, can She’erah step up and complete the outpost?

She’erah is a woman trying to leave her mark in a man’s world. Her vision and ability surpasses her father’s, yet she remains second-in-command as they are tasked to build Pharaoh’s outposts in Canaan. She knows she is worthy of the task, but her clan is skeptical.

The last place She’erah expects support is from her charioteer, but Lateef is the lone voice of encouragement. His integrity and steadfastness is a plumb-line in She’erah’s life and she can no longer deny her growing feelings for him.

Acts of sabotage threaten the construction and the shaky foundation of She’erah’s pride. It’s up to She’erah to break generations of rivalry, distrust, and jealousy—if she can learn to rely on the strengths and abilities of those around her to help.

Will she learn to trust God and others before her life’s legacy comes crumbling down around her?

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Reviews:Dana Mcneely on Amazon wrote:

Buried between layers of genealogy, an obscure biblical passage comes to life in Naomi Craig’s lively tale, She’erah’s Legacy.
I really enjoyed the characters. She’erah is a strong-minded dreamer, an architect in ancient times. She’s also the granddaughter of Joseph (yes, that Joseph) and the daughter of his half-Egyptian son Ephraim. Her personality and goals push tradition, bringing conflict with family and those she works with, causing surprising twists throughout the story.
Readers of historical fiction want to walk in the world, and Craig pens some beautiful passages describing the ancient landscape and culture. I loved a pivotal scene where She’erah had a heart-to-heart talk with her grandfather Joseph. It’s meme-worthy and good advice for today.
I highly recommend this historical novel for those who enjoy fiction set in the times of the Bible. Deeply researched, yet imaginative and engaging, fans of Connilyn Cossette, Mesu Andrews, and Tessa Afshar should enjoy She’erah’s Legacy.

Itty Bitty Faith

Sometimes your past comes back to haunt you...

As a single mama, Alyssa Mitchell learned to depend on no one but herself while raising her boy. She never even gave Jared’s daddy a single thought—well, not often anyway. Why would she when he left her behind to go off and save the world? It didn’t matter one little bit that he was unaware she was pregnant, she felt betrayed just the same. But when she overhears Jared lamenting over not even knowing who his daddy was, she tucks her pride away long enough to track him down.

Brandon Jamison spent years bringing clean water to third-world countries. It was downright confounding why God would see fit to bring him back to the states - with no job or clue what to do next. That is until Alyssa Mitchell shows up and drops a bomb - Brandon has a seventeen year old son. All his past failures and shame came to the surface just like the lemon in Mama's sweet tea.

It'll take more than itty-bitty faith to put the past behind them.

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Reviews:Amazon Customer on Amazon wrote:

Just finished “Itty Bitty Faith” such a great reminder God is always with us, and that He loves to hear from his children. This book is a wonderful reminder its never to late to reconnect with family and learn to trust God with even an itty bitty start!

Shadowed Doubt

Bay Town

Is street smart enough to save a life and protect a family?

Finally recovering after the abduction of her mother by a human trafficking ring and the mysterious death of her father years ago, Lacey Thompson wants to live again. But things aren’t panning out. Exclusion from Fashion Design School leaves Lacey nursing rejection when a young stranger shows up in Bay Town. He’s brash but beautiful, and Lacey senses she shouldn’t get involved, but she can’t help it.

Wade Bodine Gardner is heir to Gardner Hotel Enterprises. As a long-lost family member discovered on the streets of New Orleans, Wade is living a second chance. Life is good, especially when he meets Lacey Thompson. But his past comes back to haunt him. The man who raised him is released from jail…the man who killed his mother. Beau Bodine wants a piece of the action and will stop at nothing to get Wade’s inheritance. Stalking Lacey is his first plan of action. How far will Beau go?

Instead of fighting their battles together, Lacey and Wade battle each other. Will Lacey draw on what got her through before? Can Wade learn to trust God and Lacey? It’s a race against time to save those whom he loves.

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Reviews:Dean Asbury on Amazon wrote:

Liked the romance and the mystery. Wish the series would continue.
Loved the town and it's quaintness. Kathleen's writing made me feel a part of the town.