Ezekiel’s Song

Book Cover: Ezekiel's Song
Part of the Yahweh's Legacy series:

A prophet's heart broken, a woman's joy gone. What does Yahweh have planned for His people?

On the brink of Jerusalem's demise, devoted priest, Ezekiel, sees the insincerity of Judah's worship. Despite his efforts to call the people back to true worship of Yahweh, priests, artisans, valiant warriors, and royals are exiled to Babylon. When God gives him messages of continued judgment for the people in his homeland, his heart breaks. How can he minister to the people from so far away?

The presence of the Lord is tangible when Shiriel sings in the temple, and her voice prepares the hearts of many to worship. When she is exiled to Babylon, her faith is shaken. Does the Lord's presence extend beyond Jerusalem and His holy temple?

Ezekiel is struck mute and paralyzed as he begins his prophetic ministry, and Shiriel devises a plan to get the Lord's message back to the unfaithful people of Judah. Shiriel struggles with discontentment as serving the Lord looks nothing like she'd imagined. Can she provide for her family and carry out her husband's ministry when her joy is gone, and her own dreams are placed on hold?

How will Yahweh save His people from themselves? Find out in Ezekiel's Song!

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Reviews:Amazon Customer on Amazon wrote:

This has been such an eye opener for me, thank you for sharing this incredible Bible account.. so visually enlightening. I couldn't put it down!

BMBWriter on Amazon wrote:

I love it when Biblical Fiction drives me to Scripture and brings alive stories from the Bible--especially when it's about prophets. Naomi Craig does a stellar job of imagining what Ezekiel's life would be like. Ezekiel was a man of faith who spoke for God and endured hardships of the heart. Craig brings forth the emotion of what that must have been like for Ezekiel.
I loved Ezekiel's wife Shiriel as imagined by Craig. We know the prophet was married and having her as a musician and singer brought worship to life. Their daughter Kelila stole my heart.
Living for God in a land of disbelief is lonely and often those who praise God endure hardship. Ezekiel shows us what real hardship is, but also how God is faithful, and the life He gives is everlasting.
A winner of a novel from Naomi Craig.

A Sojourner’s Solace

Is an old love letter the key to her past… and her future?

When Kate Mallory’s mother is killed in a tragic car accident, she’s left with nothing but dead-end jobs, an on-again, off-again boyfriend, and a craving for something… more.

Despondent, she clears out her mom’s apartment and discovers an old love letter from a William Wheaton of Bell Buckle, Tennessee. Could this be the father her mom refused to discuss? With nothing left to lose, she decides to find out.

Noah Wheaton honed the gift of discernment the hard way—through a twenty-year military career and an unfaithful ex-fiancé. So, when gutsy Kate Mallory shows up at the family restaurant and applies for a waitressing job, his internal lie-detector flies off the charts. Why would a native New Yorker seek out a job in small-town Tennessee? Whatever she’s up to, messing with his family is not an option.

Kate could never have imagined that a spontaneous journey to search out an absentee dad was not spontaneous after all. A force bigger than both Kate and Noah is at work, and they may get more than they bargained for.

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Reviews:B. Goodson on Amazon wrote:

I always enjoy Jennifer's books. She writes every story so well that you feel as if you are there and you don't want the story to end.

Restored Grace

They promised Jesus would be with her through everything, but is that enough?

Free-spirited vintage thrift shop owner, Carol Scape, wallowed in grief after her boyfriend’s murder. However, with newfound faith, she’s finding out what it means to die-to-self and put others first. Even if it could cost her life.

Carol is on a mission to save a runaway teen and an at-risk girl from Will Boudreaux, the man just released from jail for running a prostitution ring. The same man who previously terrorized Bay Town residents. Can’t the town get a break? Can’t she?

She’s up for the challenge, but when sparks ignite between her and the town mayor, it muddles things. Having sworn off men, he’s getting in the way of what she feels she must do. Or is he?

Restored Grace is the second book of the Bay Town Series, continuing one year after Shattered Guilt. It’s a stand-alone, amped-up, romantic suspense. Buckle your seat belt. You’re in for a ride.

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Reviews:Angie Wright on Amazon wrote:

From the very beginning, you are dramatically drawn into this captivating story. Carol, the main character, is colorful and quirky with a dishonorable past reputation. As a baby Christian, she is now struggling to live a new life with a beautiful new heart. The author does such a masterful job painting a picture of each character that you feel you know them personally. She describes each scene so fully that you feel immersed in the story. With many dramatic twists, it is hard to put this book down until the very end!

The Fragrance of Violets

Life crushes us with its weight sometimes.

Fiona’s father abandoned her when she was twelve. So when she learns that he’s the groom’s father in the wedding she’s been assigned to manage, all the old hurts resurface. Maybe if he’d just explain himself and ask forgiveness, she’d get over the pain he left her with—pain she obviously hadn’t left behind after all.

When Nason discovered he wasn’t Fiona’s biological father, and when her mother tried to sabotage his marriage, he felt like he had no other option but to leave and never look back. Running into her again—awkward to say the least. And he can’t understand why she feels betrayed—why she expects him to seek forgiveness.

As if life weren’t complicated enough, Fiona meets Trevor, which sparks a possible romance. New faith, an overdose, and revelations combine with Trevor’s discipleship and shows her how forgiveness really works.

What will it take for Nason to swallow his pride and see how his actions hurt an innocent child?

The Fragrance of Violets—as Mark Twain once said, “Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”

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Reviews:Anita E. Cole on Amazon wrote:

I just finished The Fragrance of Violets and I loved it. I love the theme. Forgiveness is not one of my attributes. It motivated me to dig deeply. I loved the characters (well maybe not Ricky). I love the way Susan wove the relationships around each other and the way she described the settings. I loved everything. There is not one thing I could critique. Of course, as usual, I wanted more but she ended it so sweetly I feel satisfied.

Persuade Me

Book Cover: Persuade Me
Part of the Daughters of the Bush series:

One horrible misunderstanding. Two heartbroken people.

For seven long years, Anne Elliot of Kellynch Station quietly mourned the loss of her first love. Now that she’s finally over Fred for good, her sister offers the perfect escape: Uppercross.

This move, from one cattle station to another, offers new friends, new responsibilities, and now that she’s out from under her father’s domineering thumb, a whole new world of possibilities.

The sky is the limit.

Or maybe the sky is the perfect place for helicopter mustering pilot Fred Wentworth to spend his days. It took a while for him to regroup after their breakup, but now he’s back, he’s successful, and he’s put the past so far behind him he doesn’t even think about Anne more than a couple dozen times a day.

Life is good.

Or it was until he quite literally runs into the one person he hoped to never see again. After that, what’s a bloke to do other than rethink every lie he’d convinced himself was the truth?

Although they both seem willing to admit they were wrong all those years ago, when things take a bad turn, Anne is left to wonder… Is it too late for a reconciliation?

Persuade Me: Austen’s Persuasion meets the rugged Australian bush—plus dingoes.

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Reviews:Karin Elizabeth on Amazon wrote:

This is a great book! It’s engaging, funny, and also thought provoking. I love how the author was able to layer several stories together in a way that maintains the overall flow but also gives enough time to each one. I especially enjoyed seeing Anne’s character and faith develop through the story. The various family dynamics and situations that came up were interesting, and I’m looking forward to seeing how those progress in future books. I definitely recommend this!

Madness in Wonderland

Book Cover: Madness in Wonderland
Part of the Beyond Wonderland series:

Wonderland is in trouble.

Under the rule of the Red Queen, Wonderland is under constant threat. In fear for her throne, children are taken into the queen’s army and only the strongest survive.

Alice is nothing but a pirate, but with the help of Hatter, they hatch a plan to sneak into the Red Queen’s palace to free Hatter’s sister. After all, Alice has always wanted to fly an airship.

Dr. Frank N. Stein has created an army of automatons to serve their queen. Of particular note: a prototype soldier. Part man. Part machine. The best of both worlds.

Doc’s monster is a threat to everything they know, but Alice sees something in the man that begs she look beyond what he’s done and search out the heart of the beast for the better of the realm.

He’s their only hope of survival, but how can a monster learn to love when all he’s known is hate?

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Reviews:Lynn U. Watson on Amazon wrote:

Alice in Wonderland has long been one of my favorite stories, so I thoroughly enjoyed this fantastical retelling with its unique twists and turns.

Much Ado About Persuasion

Some duel with swords, others with ships. In love, however, they duel with hearts.

When Sir Walter Elliot, secret admirer of the Navy, invites officers to visit his estate, what could be more natural than for his two daughters to find themselves in love?

Elizabeth Elliot’s legendary, bitter pride clashes with Admiral Baldwin’s stubborn conceit until any hope of a match seems impossible. They say love conquers all, but does it?

All looks hopeful for Anne Elliot and the dashing Captain Wentworth, but when a cousin steps in and sets evil plans into motion, is their love enough to withstand the storm, or is it best to let the captain sail that ship… alone?

Shakespeare’s Much Ado about Nothing meets Jane Austen’s Persuasion in this story about trust, disappointment, and disguises.

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Reviews:Stephanie M. Carrico on Amazon wrote:

An enjoyable mix of Austen and Shakespeare, two of my very favorite authors. The characters of Persuasion blend very well into their Shakespearean roles in this charming tale. I only wish the story had continued. I highly recommend this delightful book.

Night Songs

What’s a girl to do when her life sounds ripped from the lyrics of a country music song?

Charlotte Van Cleave’s hissy-fit reaction to her husband’s infidelity sours her world like a pot of boiled chitlins. She’s left with no husband, no job, and no home—well, besides the dilapidated farmhouse inherited from her nana.

But Charlie learned early that southern girls dig deep when things go sideways. She’d climbed out of the mire when her missionary parents were killed in Congo, endured two late-term miscarriages, and survived the death of her nana and papaw. Too poor to paint and too proud to whitewash, Charlie follows a new path with her interior design skills.

Derek Daniels spent his life serving his country until a helicopter accident ended his military career. Now back home on the family farm, he’s stuck between his philandering brother, Nicky, and the only girl he’s ever loved—sweet Charlie Van Cleave. Unwilling to cross a line, he vows to keep his feelings to himself. Easier said than done when Charlie discovers a mystery surrounding her parents’ death and asks him to help investigate.

What’ll Charlie and Derek have to do to turn those lyrics into a country hit?

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Reviews:Heather Crawford on Amazon wrote:

Excellent story with real life characters in a charming Tennessee setting. Thank you for the reminder that God is patient and kind, extending endless grace and always loving. I’m looking forward to reading what happens next in Bedford County!

Labor of Love

Book Cover: Labor of Love
Part of the Gardens in Time series:

Something sinister lurks in Pitti Palace.

Despite having spent eight years as companion to her cousins, Ana Geovani still questions her role and place in the Medici household. This uncertainty compounds and alarms as her cousin's marriage approaches and a marriage is arranged for Ana.

With no say in her own future, fear and despair dulls even the splendor of the gardens she holds so dear.

As the newest under gardener at the palace, Marco Rossi should have everything he's dreamed of--beautiful gardens to tend and master architects and gardeners to learn from. Yet a secret mission threatens his peace of mind, his position, and even the love of Ana. Although God is always with him, reminding him of a bigger plan, Marco feels the weight of the consequences he will face if he challenges a Medici member.

The desires of men and women, both royal and common, create costly dilemmas and potential disasters of hearts and souls. What will it take for Marco and Ana to prevail against everything driving them apart?

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Reviews:Mary on Amazon wrote:

As are all of Marguerite Martin Gray's books, Labor of Love is well researched and well written. Held my interest from page one. Can't wait for book two in the Gardens in Time series!

A Promise for Faith

Book Cover: A Promise for Faith
Part of the Briar Creek Love series:

Secrets have the power to ruin lives. Faith and love have the power to disarm those secrets.

Failure isn’t an option for Faith Fuller, She wants to prove to herself and her very successful parents she can stand on her own, even if it means accepting a job offer from someone she wanted to forget. To add to the problem, that job means facing her biggest fear.

Caleb Gaines is looking for a manager for his coffee shop. He’s in over his head running his successful river outfitters business, and being a single dad to a preschooler. But the perfect candidate wants nothing to do with him. Risk-taker Caleb is up for  a challenge and wants to convince Faith to help him.

If neither one relies on faith and learns to trust, any chance at love will be washed downstream.

An out-of-work chef and successful river outfitter are both hiding secret tragedies. How much faith will it take to learn to trust in each other, overcome obstacles, and find love?

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Reviews:MT on Amazon wrote:

I was excited to read Stacy T. Simmons’ debut novel, “A Promise for Faith.”
An endearing romance story set in the quaint fictional town of Briar Creek, NC, you’ll want to curl up in your coziest chair with a cup of your favorite beverage and immerse yourself in Faith’s and Caleb’s journeys of love, loss, and second chances. Faith, Caleb, and his adorable son, Jack, show that their faith, love, and healing go hand in hand.
I am excited to follow Faith and Caleb’s story in the next book in the series!