Day 4


“This is the day which the LORD has made;
Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

(Psalm 118:24)


This powerful verse serves as a daily reminder of one of the things I’m most grateful for: the precious gift that we receive anew with every sunrise.

It’s a verse I hold dear to my heart, so dear that I begin each morning by praying it, grounding myself in the understanding that regardless of life’s challenges, God’s presence is unwavering, and His grace abounds.

Think about it: not only did God create the vast expanse of the universe and all that inhabits it, but He continually creates, offering us a fresh start with each new day. The Creator of all, who set the stars in the sky and painted the world with colors, still takes the time to craft each day, tailor-made for us.

So, even when life’s burdens, disappointments, or chaos try to weigh us down, we can find solace in the knowledge that God’s love and care are unwavering. Our circumstances may change, but His faithfulness remains constant. In Him, we discover reasons to rejoice, regardless of what difficulties we may face.

Today, I invite you to look beyond your circumstances and turn your gaze upward. Recognize the beauty and generosity of the Lord, who paints each day with His love, grace, and countless blessings. Embrace the day as a divine creation and rejoice in the presence of the One who holds your past, present, and future in His loving hands.

Like me, I think you’ll find that thanking God for each day will soon bless you with strength, hope, and joy.




Edwina Kiernan is the Christian author of six novels, four of which are award-winning.

An enthusiast of classic novels and history, Edwina combines her faith, imagination and research in hope-infused tales set in times past.

A lifelong word admirer, with Welsh and Irish heritage, she started writing stories early in childhood.

She is a committed follower of Jesus (the Living Word), and endeavors to use her pen to point others to Him.

When she’s not writing, Edwina loves spending time with her dashing husband and lively little son, reading and studying the Bible, getting lost in a captivating novel and drinking more types of tea than most people realize even exist.

The following Edwina Kiernan books are published by Celebrate Lit Publishing:

A Vanishing Act




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