Day 8



It’s easy for me to be thankful for the fantastic things God blesses me with or what He does for me. My hubby and I pray before turning in every night by reviewing our day. I am thankful for this practice and for having a hubby who enjoys praying. We begin by thanking God for all the good things that happened and for how He blessed us.


What about thanking God for the things we didn’t enjoy? Or the things we didn’t want to happen? Should we add those to our lists? How or why could we be thankful for those?


Our world spins within a chaotic wind. An overview of our world’s history tells us of other chaotic times. Yet, turmoil doesn’t affect our good Father. He remains steadfast in His love and blessings for each believer as He monitors events in our lives and listens to our prayers.


We can thank our good Father God for His faithfulness to us in the difficulties we face.

God blesses us with His grace, mercy, and love in all circumstances.

His perpetual sovereignty covers us and screens the trials He allows.

Our good Father invites us to draw near to His throne of grace when troubles afflict us.


I am most thankful for this generous and accessible gift of God’s presence. Is there any other relationship more incredible and one-sided than the astonishing love of God through the Savior of us all, the Lord Jesus Christ?


A short story writer turned novelist Sparrow signed a three-book contract with Celebrate Lit Publishing. Her new historical fiction eBook novella is Muldoon’s Minnesota Darling. She served on missions, worship team, prayer teams, Single’s Ministry, and in the Divorce Care program. Sparrow enjoys leading readers to encounter God’s unexpected presence.


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