Day 20



With Thanksgiving not being something that is observed in Australia, I didn’t grow up with any traditions surrounding this holiday. In fact, it wasn’t something I ever thought about unless we were talking bout the Pilgrims in history class. November was the start of holiday decorating. Some early-bird decorators had their Christmas tree up in October even.
After I got married and moved to my husband’s hometown in Ohio, I was quickly introduced to his family. They took me in and welcomed me as one of their own, treating me like a daughter, granddaughter, and sister, and at the same time, they introduced me to all of their holiday traditions. Including Thanksgiving.
The day looks a little different now than it did back then. We no longer make the trek over to Columbus to spend the day with Josh’s grandparents. However, the day still revolves around family. They knew when I moved here that I’d have no family of my own, so they took me in and treated me as one of their own. And it’s for that family that I am most thankful this year.


Originally from Australia, Joanne Markey now lives in Ohio with her husband and seven children. When she’s not reading or writing, you might find her wandering the property with her kids in search of whatever seasonal treasure they’re trying to find. 

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Persuade Me

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