Day 28


Choosing one thing to be thankful for is always a challenge. God has gifted me with so much. I think, though, that what I’m most thankful for in this season of my life is God’s faithful presence. The past few years have been filled with challenges that have rocked me to my core. This journey is not one I would have chosen, but as I look back over the struggles, the tears, and the doubts, I see His faithfulness. He’s been with me all the way, even when I was angry at Him, even when I didn’t understand why He was allowing things in my life. Through all of this, He’s taught me so much about Himself and my constant need for Him. Slowy, the sandpaper of His truth is rubbing away at the rough edges of my life, shaping me into the beautiful creation He intends for me to be. It is so encouraging to know that no matter what the future holds, He is there. He has always been there. And nothing that happens can happen without His loving permission.

Hannah Prewett is a wife and mom of three teens who enjoys finding wonder and magic in the everyday. A Disney nerd, unicorn enthusiast, and collector of vintage 80s toys, she loves traveling to the ocean, taking walks, and searching closets for Narnia. She thrives on creating stories through words, art, and photography, and her main desire is to use those stories to point others to Jesus and help them find their true value through His love.


Hannah will be partnering with author SE Clancy to  illustrate our upcoming book, The Daily Kale, which will be releasing in March of 2024.




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