Surrendered Bonus

Celebrate Lit is excited to introduce a new series by Author Jennifer Sienes with the first book releasing on April 30 called Surrendered.

The Celebrate Lit Team first met Jennifer at the Mount Hermon Writers’ Conference in 2018 and were impressed from the beginning. We fell in love with both the story and her writing style when we read her manuscript and knew we had to publish it. Check out more about this fascinating story:

Her father’s will is clear; do what he demands, or lose everything, including guardianship of her younger sister. But there’s a force at work–an evil set on destroying her and her sister. If only she knew whether the enigmatic man helping them is friend–or deadly foe…

After the reading of her father’s will, Tess O’Shay’s panic attacks return. In death, Sean O’Shay is attempting to accomplish what he couldn’t do in life—force Tess to finish her education, a dream she abandoned after being raped on campus. Unless she complies with her father’s wishes, she will lose all claim to the only home she’s ever known as well as to the family business. Worse, she’ll have to give up guardianship of her younger sister to Jake Holland, a secretive man fleeing from his past. Fine! She’ll show Jake and her father. She’ll muster whatever meager energy and strength she has, get her degree, and keep what matters most to her.

No matter what.

Then the man who assaulted her reappears, shattering what little strength she has left. Now she must dig deep to find the remnants of her mustard-seed faith…because that’s the only way she can face the past and right a wrong in order to secure the future.


With a new book, a new bonus!

You will meet Julia in Surrendered but you get to learn more about her and  her journey in this insightful prequel. Enjoy the excerpt!


Excerpt from Julia

“Hey Max. You want to go to the park?”

“Yeah.” His voice is muffled.

She steps into his room, and as soon as she spots him, her sour mood dissipates. He sits on his bed, back against the wall, with every stuffed animal he owns stacked around and in front of him. Only his head of blond curls and big blue eyes are visible. “What in the world are you doing?”

“I’m hidin’.”

Chuckling, she moves to the bed and sits on the edge. “We need to teach you the finer points of hiding.”

“Like what?”

“Not talking, for one. Why don’t you climb out of there and get yourself ready for the park. We need to gather some snacks and—”

“Daddy’s coming, too.” He pushes the pile of animals from his lap and scoots to the edge before climbing down.

She searches for a way to soften the blow. “Well, you know, Daddy and I talked about it and decided that I’d take you today, and he’ll take you tomorrow. Doesn’t that sound like a good idea?” She holds her breath, watching for any sign of disappointment.

“Okay.” He shrugs. “I guess. Did Daddy have to go to work?”

“No. He had an appointment he forgot about.” Julia ruffles Max’s soft curls. “Where’s your tennies?”

She glances around the room, everything, except the herd of stuffed animals, in their proper place. Stephen reigns even here. It should be easy enough—

“They’re in the closet.”

Well, duh. “Why don’t you—” The phone trills in the front room, “—grab them while I go see who that is.” She jogs down the hall and into the great room, glancing at her desk for her phone, which is silent. What the heck?

The phone trills again, but it’s coming from the kitchen. Did Stephen forget his phone? She finds it by the sink, it’s dark screen and cover blending into the black granite counter. Snatching it up, the caller ID announces Don. If it’s important, he’ll leave a message. But some internal nudge tells her to answer, which she does with the flick of her thumb.



“Is anyone there?”

“Um, sorry.” A breathless voice. A breathless female voice. “I must have the wrong number.”

“Who’re looking for?”

“Never mind. Sorry to have bothered you.”

But Julia has a sick feeling it isn’t a wrong number. And just maybe, Stephen wasn’t late for a golf game.


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