Rebuilding Heart Release Fun

For the release of Rebuilding Hearts, Carolyn asked us to share our favorite book.

This was a HARD task.

You see in our family, we have categories for favorites. I have a favorite classic book, I have a favorite Christmas book, I have a favorite Christmas fiction book, and the list goes on.

How can I just choose one book?

So after many hours of contemplation, I finally decided. If I had to choose one book, It would be…

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

I chose this book for many reasons. First, I love the story. I think it shows that people can change, hearts can change. It reminds me that at Christmas, people who normally would not be open to the Gospel, are. I need to take the opportunity to share as often as I can. Secondly, it has so many fond memories attached to it. I read it when I was young. I read it to my children. Every year, we watch the movie. Even now, I wait to watch one version of the movie until Christmas day when my parents come over. It is my dad’s favorite version. Another reason I love this story is the lasting affect it has had on society and how well it is loved from generation to generation. What amazes me about this story is no publisher wanted to publish it. Dickens had to publish it himself – I bet those publishers regretted that decision! Lastly, I love this story because of the way it was written. By todays standards, it would be considered wordy and outdated, however, the outline of the book is very clever. Ghost stories were popular during Christmas in England at the time. It was a tradition to tell a ghost story every Christmas eve. Dickens took that and turned it into something that caused society to reflect on what they did for those who are suffering. Are they cold hearted like Scrooge?

It changed people. As a publisher, as an author, I hope that is what our books do. Of course, we want to have some fun books that people just enjoy but in our heart of hearts, we want to share biblical principles through story – like Jesus did in the parables.


So reader friends, what is your favorite book?



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