Returning to Breakers Release Fun & Giveaway

Hello Reader Friends,

We are back to the Islands for another fun blog hop for the release of Rachel Skatvold’s Returning to Breakers. For her release, Rachel asked us to share about our favorite staycation.

I love staycations. Don’t get me wrong, traveling is definitely my jam but sometimes it is just fun to stay home and do things locally. I am extremely lucky because I live in Southern California so there are so many things to do.

So what would my favorite staycation include?

It would be a week long staycation with different things each day.

Day 1

A trip up the mountains to hike and smell the pine through the air. Big Bear is not far from us and I love to go up there. There is hiking but they have a great little downtown area that is fun to shop. Rock N Brews is a great burger place to have lunch. It’s also fun to take the ski lifts to the top and walk around a bit before coming down.

Day 2

A picnic in the apple orchards, picking apples, and making an apple dessert another day. Oak Glenn, a little town full of apple orchards, is just about 20 minutes away from me and one of my favorite places. Not only do they have orchards but they hiking, a preserve, novelty shops, and my favorite pizza – brick oven pizza that gets nice and toasty on the outside. YUM!


Day 3

Movies with the family is one of my favorite ways to spend a day. We set up our big screen and the projector, my husband makes popcorn and caramel corn in his movie theater popcorn maker, then we watch and discuss the movies. With three English majors and a criminal justice major, it makes discussions interesting!


Day 4

Glenn Ivy is a hot spring that has been around since for a couple of hundred years. The hot springs were used as a seasonal home to local indigenous tribes. In the 1850’s, the land was purchased and made into a getaway where you could stay in the inn and soak in the sulfur springs. Today it has expanded to include 4 pools, a sulfur bath, club mud, a hot/cold therapy area, salt water spa, and a spa overlooking the valley. It is an amazing way to relax and recharge….especially with a book!


Day 5

Most who know me know that I am the game queen. I have to industrial size racks in my garage stacked from bottom to top with games. Spending the day playing Mexican Train Dominoes is one of my favorite things to do. We catch up with the kids, laugh, listen to music, and grow closer together. The best part is the memories made.


Day 6

Okay, as a mom I am usually the one planning meals and cooking. I would love a day where someone else does the planning and the cooking and I get to read. Just to curl up on the couch with a book and not be bothered until I finish….That would be my kind of day!


Day 7

I would end my staycation week by going to church. I love my church family and the fellowship I enjoy with them each week. The perfect addition would be to have church friends over for lunch in between services to spend time together.


And there you have it reader friends. My perfect staycation week! I would love to hear yours!


More about Returning to Breakers

Sometimes God’s “why” comes too late… and just in time.

Tiffany Hill is a master at concealing her emotions. She can’t admit she has her own questions about God—like why He allowed her Marine husband to die in action. A single mom with three children to care for and the general store on Merriweather to run leaves little time for philosophizing. She has more pressing issues to deal with. Like how her dream of running the family business has become a burden.

Is keeping the business afloat even worth the effort anymore?

After high school and an unfortunate falling out with his father, Liam Hadler left Breakers Head, determined never to look back. He failed on that one, and one of many regrets was leaving his high school sweetheart behind to chase an impossible dream.

When his mother calls after his father suffers a stroke, Liam has a tough decision to make. Will he return to a place he’s avoided for sixteen years, and is making amends with his father even possible?

A chance encounter with Tiffany after so many years never occurred to him, but memories of their time together rekindles something he thought he’d lost. What’ll it take to persuade her to give him a second chance?

This Breakers Head novel is Rachel Skatvold’s final book in the Independence Islands Series featuring five islands, six authors, and a boatload of happily-ever-afters.

The Independence Islands Series: beach reads aren’t just for summer anymore.


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