Scrumptious Independence, What’s Your Apron?

Hello Readers!


Welcome to the last day of our week long “foodie” kick off for Scrumptious Independence. We hope you have been enjoying each stop and had fun casting your votes.


Today, we thought it would be fun to vote for your favorite apron. Review each picture below, then click on the giveaway to cast your vote.

Before you go…have you seen all the fun in Scrumptious? Be sure to check it out HERE

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Carolyn Miller’s Apron


Rachel’s Apron











Sandy’s apron
Melissa’s Apron










Tabitha’s apron
Kari’s apron









Chautona’s No Apron









If you haven’t had a chance to visit the other stops to enter their giveaways by voting on their “foodie” items, click on each link below!


Day 1 (today) you will “best meal” plate right here, with Melissa Wardwell

Day 2 you will vote for your favorite place to go when we don’t want to cook with Kari Trumbo

Day 3 you will vote for your favorite dessert with Rachel Scatvold

Day 4 you will vote for your favorite kitchen gadget with Tabitha Bouldin

Day 5 you will vote for your “favorite meal” with Carolyn Miller

Day 6 you will vote for your “go to spice” with Chautona Havig


Don’t forget to enter to win by casting your vote for you favorite apron below!

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