Silencing the Siren Release Fun

So you are here about the poster from the auction are you? Liz sent you? Well, I have nothing to hide.

This was my daughter’s poster. I wanted it. I have no qualms about saying it. I saved and saved. I pased the time until the auction by re-arranging the room to make the perfect spot a half dozen times…finally settling on it going up right above my grandmother’s glass slipper.

The day finally came. I grabbed my wad of cash and hopped in the passenger seat next to Jim.

“Close the door quickly if you want to get on the road before Denise can come with us.” Jim told me.

“I feel bad going without her. It is her poster. Her book.”

“Yeah. But it would be fun to surprise her with it. Shut the door. Let’s go.”

He put the truck in drive before I shut the door and took off.

It was crowded when we arrived but we made our way quickly over to the poster. It was beautiful. I confess I got teary eyed looking at it – I think Jim wiped a tear or two as well. I marked down the number, registered for a paddle, and made my way to a set of empty seats.

I noticed all the other authors in the Ever After series were there and whispered to Jim that I might not have hard time winning the poster. How can I bid against my friends?

I was squirming a few minutes later as the curtain began to rise. I giggled and Jim gave me a slight elbow but he smiled as he did it.

Then chaos ensued. The curtain came up and…and…the poster was gone. I looked at Jim not hiding my surprise. Next thing I knew Chautona was next to me asking me what happened.

That is when I saw her. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. You see. She doesn’t like to drive. Hate it in fact. There was just no way she could be here. Was there?

I took off after her like a bullet. I don’t even remember what I said to Chautona.

I ran to the back behind a curtain and up the stairs, then down the other set. Then out the back door.

Did I just imagine seeing Denise?

As we were walking back to the truck I saw Chautona and Cathe being awfully chatty in the in the car. They both stopped with they saw me. Weird. I shook it off and headed home in silence.

When I walked in the door, Denise was sitting pretty as you please in the family room watching TV. She hardly spoke a word to me. She was acting her normal self the next morning…except anytime I brought up the auction, she left the room. She won’t answer a single question.

I am her mom though. Maybe you could get more out of her. I heard you can visit her HERE.

If you do find out what happened…Would you let me know?


More about Silencing the Siren…

Andrew Grayson thought he had everything… until he met her.

The indulged son of wealthy parents, Andrew has always gotten whatever he wanted almost before he knew he wanted it—clothes, gadgets… even a car! What more could a young man desire?

Enter Annabel Thompson. Freak show mermaid extraordinaire… in a wheelchair!

Of course, her beauty attracts him. How could it not?  Add to that a kind heart, and Andrew can’t help but fall for her.

If only Annabel’s conjoined legs wouldn’t keep her from living a normal life—one not only accepted but required by those in Andrew’s social circle. Always eager to give their son the best of everything, Andrew’s parents offer Annabel the chance to live that normal life. A fairytale ending for a charming couple.

Right up to the moment Andrew is notified of Annabel’s death.

When things don’t add up, Andrew begins asking some difficult questions, the most important being, “What happened to the little mermaid of the Coney Island freak show?”

Find out in this next book in the Ever After Mysteries, combining beloved fairy tales and mysteries. Silencing the Siren offers a retelling of “The Little Mermaid” that will keep you gripped to the edge of your seat as you watch the story unfold.



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