Stranded on Sparrow Release Fun & Giveaway

For the release of Stranded on Sparrow, we were asked to share what our perfect unconventional date would be.



I had nothing.


This was a hard one. My husband and I have done so many fun and wonderful things; I have marked so many things off my bucket list. What would I choose as an unconventional date?


I don’t know how unconventional it is but my perfect date would be going on a hot air balloon ride. How romantic would it be to go up in a hot air balloon, share a sunset and the sights?


To add to the perfection would be to do it in New Mexico during the hot air balloon festival. Than after we are done in the balloon, we could share a picnic dinner with a cheese board and grapes.


My idea of perfection!


How about you readers? What is your idea of a perfect date?


More about Stranded on Sparrow

If His eye is on the sparrow, where does that leave her?

Lia Diaz’s life has become an illusion. Fired from her perfect job, she’s living a lie to avoid censure from her critical family. So when Lia gets a call about her nana’s recent fall, she heads to Nana’s house to help out and regroup.

Things are looking up until she discovers that her childhood refuge, Nana’s home on Sparrow Island, has been condemned in the wake of Hurricane Arley. Time to regroup—again.

Getting stranded on Sparrow Island while visiting the house was not in those revised plans.

After “rescuing” his niece and a motley crew of animals, some might say Zachary Nolan has a hero complex. Zachary never thought that he would live life as a single dad. However, as a web designer he is able to spend lots of time with Violet, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. A call for help when Lia gets stranded there sends him rushing to the rescue. That hero complex thing again.

A hero and his niece offer new hope to Lia—maybe God’s eye is on Sparrow Island after all.

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