The Suamalie Islands Kick – Off Giveaway


Hello Readers!

Come take a visit to our newest set of islands – The Suamalie Islands! These islands are very different from the Independence Islands because they are touristy. Another way this series is different is we have added more authors. You will see some familiar Independence Islands authors but will also see some brand new ones. Just like with our Independence Islands, each author will follow a type of business that goes across all the different islands.

Oh! Before we go on, let me show you what The Suamalie Islands look like:


The Suamalie Islands will have a book release the last Tuesday of each month, February – October, in 2023, 2024, 2025. We will feature one book from each author a year. What is exciting is you can already catch the pre-qual of the series written by the amazing Chautona Havig!


Psssttt….You might just see a familiar Independence Islands face!


It is all of our sincerest hope that you will enjoy your visit to The Suamalie Islands and come to love the characters as mush as we do!


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