How can she forgive a man she isn't sure she ever knew?

Melissa Bainbridge doesn't have time to grieve. She has three kids to feed, bills stacked high enough to crush her, and guilt--oh so much guilt.

When her husband's death is  ruled a suicide, her financial stability and identity die with the man she now wonders if she ever knew.  How could he choose to leave them like this?  How could she have lived with him for 15 years and not known of his fragile mental health?

A journey of discovery reveals more questions than answers until Melissa finally faces her fears and tries to understand the mind of the man she thought she knew and never did.

The journey from despair to hope leads Melissa beyond grief and into the light of forgiveness in Providence.

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Reviews:Blossom Turner on Amazon wrote:

Providence by Jennifer Sienes is a heart-wrenching read. The way this author brings believable characters to life tugs at the heartstrings. Every scene comes alive as if I, the reader has a front row seat to the drama unfolding. I have never been a fan of first-person writing, but this author has a gift for pulling it off.
What are often misunderstood and taboo subjects in the church and in society, (mental illness and suicide) Jennifer tackles with such grace and truth. The depth in which she writes this story with hope and God’s love without being preachy will draw you in from the first to the last page.
Growing up in a family with mentally ill parents I can attest to the quality of research done, the depth of knowledge, and sensitivity in which Jennifer Sienes tackles this story. Truly authentic. A must read! If you have not placed this on your summertime list, do so immediately. Great job, from a great writer.

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